Friday, June 20, 2014


I want to feel love as we see it in the movies. Why is that? These people that we watch an admire in the greatest of all plays and tackiest of all movies steal our hearts and consume our minds in just two short hours (on average). In just two hours, we go through an emotional roller coaster and live vicariously through people we've only seen on TV. In just two hours, we learn to be honest to ourselves and others. In just two hours, we learn to believe in love. And, just two hours later, we purge our minds of these thoughts and forget the lives we wish to live. The lessons become undone;  fear, cowardice, and stringent tendencies reposition themselves back onto the shelves in our minds.

Why is it that what we watch for two hours in a movie theater takes a lifetime to achieve? Maybe the story is only two hours long because, eventually, everything goes bad. 



  • Free People top
  • F21 shorts
  • Vintage bag
  • Converse Chuck Taylor
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses
  • Pandora rings


  1. so cute!

  2. You look so lovely...and I must agree with what you wrote...movies are not real novels and films things are never quite they are in our daily lives. If you don't mind I would like to share with you what probably my fav playwright Tennessee Williams said about plays:

    A play may be violent, full of motion: yet it has that special kind of repose which allows contemplation and produces the climate in which tragic importance is a possible thing, provided that certain modern conditions are met. In actual existence the moments of love are succeeded by the moment of safety and sleep. The sincere remark is followed by a cynic distrust. Truth is fragmentary, at best: we love and betray each other not in quite the same breath but in two breaths that occur in fairly close sequence.

    "The Timeless World of a Play, Tennessee Williams

  3. such a cute look!

    from helen at

  4. The jumping pic is lovely!!!


  5. I love your top! :)

  6. Great look!


  7. Love your outfit, it's so cute <3 especially the top :)

  8. just found your blog from mine and I really love your style dear!

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  9. you're pretty and good look ;)

  10. Beautiful post!xx
    I love your amazing blog!
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    Keep in touch xoxo

  11. Love the Gypsy style top!

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