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I attended a Druze wedding in our village wearing this outfit. Our weddings are quite different from the traditional, American wedding in that the man walks down the aisle. I could never grasp this concept as a little girl because I had always hoped it would be me walking down the aisle, with the gaze of my unknown husband unflinching as I came his way. Now that I'm older, although still engulfed with my childish thoughts, I have come to appreciate the Druze ceremony and what it symbolizes. 

Let me explain... 

There are typically two venues- one for the bride and her family, and the other for the groom and his family. The bride will enter her venue, usually with a group of traditional Lebanese dancers, while her family greets those coming to give their congratulations to the bride. Baklava and other sweets are given out while the crowd awaits the groom and his family to come. Eventually, they make their way, dancing and celebrating down the aisle until the two meet. The groom and bride typically hang tight for a little before heading out to the groom's venue; the bride's family does not go with her. There, the celebration continues with more dancing, music, and people coming and going to wish the couple happiness. Ultimately, this symbolizes the bride being taken away from her family to be welcomed into the new family she is marrying into. 

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  1. To be honest I have hardly heard about Druzi before I had read Hakawati (the novel). Your desription is really interesting and I would love to know more. The dress you wear suits you perfectly! Such a perfect look for attending a wedding, I would say!

    Our Croatian weddings are also different from traditional American ones in that they last for a longer time, typically entire day and night and in some regions they go on for days. It is very common to have a lunch together with the family (in the broader sense) for lunch the day after as early as week before you can expect your house to be full of visitors. Croatia is mostly a catholic country but I think our traditions are very similar to those in this Balkan and/or Mediterranean area where it is common (for all religions) to make a big deal out of the wedding ceremony and celebrations:)

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