Sunday, September 7, 2014


Why is transitioning into Fall so impossible in New York right now? From my window, the city is glimmering in the sunlight and seems to hold infinite promises for those who dare step out and accept them. So what happens when you do walk outside to embrace all of that glitter and gold? If you're lucky, it'll be an outting thick with sweat and stenches, but the unfortunate masses will experience heat strokes, dehydration, and the desire to vacation in Alaska. 

Stay cool, kids. Let's embrace this September Summer. 


IMG_9012 IMG_8995 IMG_8977 IMG_8972
  • F21 lace top
  • Mango skort
  • Steve Madden sandals
  • Misc accessories


  1. great look amazing...and pretty much ready for Fall in the city.

  2. really amazing this outfit, really perfect!

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