Saturday, December 27, 2014


Here it is- a round up of all my blogged looks from 2014!


IMG_1895 IMG_2066
IMG_2742 IMG_2901 IMG_1657 IMG_1777 IMG_4915 _MG_8366 IMG_4650 IMG_4215 IMG_3969 IMG_3389 IMG_3241 IMG_3127 IMG_6389 IMG_6601 IMG_6220 IMG_6061 IMG_5869 IMG_5532 IMG_5126 IMG_4982 IMG_8897 IMG_8404 IMG_8321 IMG_8120 IMG_8038 IMG_7621 IMG_7493 IMG_7246 IMG_7062 IMG_6977 IMG_6836 IMG_0400 IMG_9995 IMG_9901 IMG_9848 IMG_9588 IMG_9430 IMG_9304 IMG_9219 IMG_9155 IMG_8972


  1. wow, amazing pics :)

  2. Amazing outfits! I loved your dresses! :)

  3. All of these photos are amazing! I love all the different locations and of course the outfits!

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